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Turn Your Kitchen Into a Ping-Pong Arena

Here at Wingman we believe strongly in embracing your inner-child. When this popped up on our radar, we had to share it straight away. Not only is the multi-purpose design ingenious it also looks fantastic and will certainly not cramp your meticulous kitchen ethos.

CorkNet has been specially design to work on any table. Its combined length is 80 cm or 31.5 Inches. This size gives you a net over any table. The best part, it is freestanding so there are no fixings to worry about. Place them in the centre of your table and you’re ready to play! The clever design lets you take it with you. You can play on any table, whether it is a friend’s home, work or on holiday.

The full set comes with rackets, balls, plus the weighted cork dividers, which serve as the net. Measuring at 31.5 inches long, they’ll fit most kitchen tables, round or rectangular. Their free-standing design means no messing with complicated nets every time you want to play.

See that little hole in the side? That’s a specialised recessed spot to store the ping pong balls, so you’re not crawling around on the ground/pulling them out of your dog’s mouth after each shot.

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